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Knitwell Industries is one of the leading and well known Rexine manufacturer and supplier in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR which is delivering the best quality of artificial leather or PVC leather all across India to cater the market demand. Original leather or Real leather stuff is not affordable by everyone so they prefer to buy artificial leather. Rexine or artificial leather demands less extensive care. The maintenance cost is comparatively less.

Be it fashion industry, furnishing, automotive or infrastructure, Knitwell Industries catering the demands of all residential and commercial needs at cheaper pricing without compromising the quality. Be trendy with the fashion items like Footwear, Dresses, Jackets, Belts, Wallets, Bags, Purse, and matching accessories. Decorate your home or office with printed leather and PVC embossed leather. Get your place furnished with the extensive sofas, Dining Chairs, office chairs, and other furnishing stuff in a cozy style. When it comes to automotive industry, Car seats, seat covers, gear cover, and automotive parts are made with high-quality Artificial leather or rexine. Being a great supplement of Real leather, Rexine comes as an innovative source of beauty and colorful fabric.

Knitwell Industries is the successful result the true efforts of Mr. Kailash Gulati, Director of the company, having more than 35 years of experience in the trade industry. He analyzed the market through his prudent eyes and implemented the effective strategies to make the products high quality and diversified ranges. He believes quality can never be compromised for the sake of high profits. So keeping the profit margin low, extensive and virtual Rexine or artificial leather is manufactured at the wide range.

We continuously thrive to keep our designs updated to match the current market trend. Designs developed by our company are well received in the market. Our inspirations have been derived from a variety of things and beings. Our capacity to recreate these inspirations into the most beautiful textures, colours and applications have been admired.

The company strives hard to offer the best quality worldwide. This Rexine manufacturer company is thriving while fulfilling the market demands and giving right color & updated designs. Dedicated staff and designers are working together to render attractive textures, colors and applications to admire the corporate and residential clients.

The success can be evaluated with the day-by-day addition of commercial clients belonging to automotive industries, travel company, airports, fashion industry, a furniture company, and architects. Our vendors are happy with raw products supplied by Knitwell industries, Gurgaon. Proper inspection is undertaken in each process of manufacturing the Rexine or artificial leather to bring out the best and to meet the client's expectations. The motto of Knitwell Industries is to deliver the best of the Rexine or Artificial/ Synthetic Leather Fabrics at economical prices to render commercial and residential requirements with the unmatched quality. Stay connected with us and feel the difference.

The brand name 'Softfeel' was first thought of in 2007. There was a need for branded rexine/leatherette in the automobile upholstery market. The brand may have been previously used by various other companies, but now it is a registered trademark of KNITWELL INDUSTRIES. We assure to give the best quality in the most economical prices.

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